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Rio Ranch Estates Homeowners Association was established in 1992. It consists of 37 lots located along the banks of the Sacramento River in Red Bluff, CA.  There are currently 31 homes within the subdivision with 6 undeveloped lots. We are located in the county of Tehama, in Antelope Valley with Mount Lassen looking down upon us from the east and Mount Shasta to the north. Rio Ranch Road and Agua Verdi Drive are the two major roads within the subdivision which are owned and maintained by the HOA.

The Social success of our community depends, in large part, on the rules, regulations and restrictions that govern how residents are expected to conduct themselves.  Typically, the declaration subjects all home owners to general covenants, while the bylaws and house rules and regulations provide specific guides for day to day living.  Your board will adopt the following "Association rules and Regulations" hereinafter referred to as " Rules and Regulations" to enhance the enjoyment and tranquility for all persons living in Rio Ranch Estates Community and retain the value of our community.  All homeowners and Lot owners currently will receive a copy by mail to view and address the board, using the approved board email, with any concerns before being enforced.  [email protected]